Thursday 7 January 2016

Record your mistletoe sightings

The map in the blog post below identifies the main areas where mistletoe has been recorded. We are looking for mistletoe records outside of these areas and need your help! The following simple form allows you to enter your Oxfordshire mistletoe records:

Results thus far.....

Since 2013:
- A total of 913 trees have been found to be supporting mistletoe in Oxfordshire;
- A total of 3316 'clumps' have been noted;
- Of the 913 trees, the host tree species has been noted for 766 trees; 
- In order of frequency the following have been noted to be the host species: Lime, Poplar species, apple, Hawthorn, False-acacia and Rowan. 

The following map shows the core areas where mistletoe has been recorded: